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Class Schedule

We offer several adult classes. See the schedule and class descriptions below


MON Beg. Whacking ( No Class Til August ) 8:00 PM $12 Trey
WED Beg. Hip Hop 8:00 PM $12 Trey
WED Adv. Choreo 9:00 PM $12 Trey

Beg. + Fundamentals

First time dancing? WEDNESDAY learn Hip Hop Fundamentals mixed with simple choreography.  Try something new or shake off the dust!

Advanced Choreography

Ready to take things to the next level?  Our WEDNESDAY Advanced Choreo classes will push your limits with complex choreo and advanced concepts.  Today’s dance industry and complex and ever changing, keep your skills sharp and always push for something better

Think of Hip Hop like a language

Classes teach you vocabulary and how to use it in conversation


There’s no time like the present to try something new! Adult level classes are a bit more advanced. We want to push you because we know you can handle it. Students will learn the movement but will also learn about the history & context of the dances. Context is important. Think of Hip Hop as a language. We are teaching you the vocabulary and showing you how to use it in conversation.

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This intensive program teaches students the fundamentals all DJ's must know
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