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There’s no time like the present to try something new! Adult level classes are a bit more advanced. We want to push you because we know you can handle it. Students will learn the movement but will also learn about the history & context of the dances. Context is important. Think of Hip Hop as a language. We are teaching you the vocabulary and showing you how to use it in conversation.

Think of Hip Hop like a language

Classes teach you vocabulary and how to use it in conversation

Class Schedule

We offer several Adult Classes. Each class is set up a bit differently so read the descriptions below. Have a specific question, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email


House Night Thursday 8 – 9:00pm (9-10 cypher) $donation

Adult Hip Hop

Advanced Hip Hop Wednesday 7 – 8:00pm $10.00
Beginning Hip Hop Thursday 7 – 8:00pm $10.00

Adult Breakin’

Beginning Breakin’ Thursday 6 – 7:00pm $10.00
Advanced Breakin’ Friday 6 – 7:00pm $10.00

House Night takes place Thursday. Join Chacho from 8-9 pm for a drop in House class. Learn key house fundamentals, history and concepts in the Donation only class. Then from 9-10pm stay for an open House cypher. Apply what you’ve learned and get in the groove of House.

Today’s dance industry and complex and ever changing. Dancers need to know a variety of skills to be competitive. Our Adult Choreo classes focus on the modern choreography styles that dancers encounter today. Build on your fundamentals and learn to fuse them into different ways moving. This class will also offer tips and advice to dancers looking to grow in today’s industry

Join us every Thursday for Adult Breakin’.  This will be an all levels class for adults 15 and up.  Each week will will cover a fundamental aspect of Breakin’.  Tops, Footwork, Power and Freezes.  Students will learn fundamentals, how to put a round together and how to use these rounds in battle and cypher settings.  Students will also learn the history and context behind both Breakin’ as well as Hip Hop culture. Fridays Advanced Breakin’ class is an advanced level class for all ages.  This class is not for beginners, you will need to have a couple years under your belt before you attend.  Students will learn advanced techniques for dancing and battling.  If you’re trying to take your dancing to a higher level this is a great way to do so.

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